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This post is a review of the IBOTTA app, which I’ve already spoken to a few people about. I hope you find it to be informational. I’m going to list the information in two categories; the benefits and the drawbacks of the app. My goal is for you to make an informed decision on whether to download the app and use it regularly.


Generally speaking, here’s how it works: download the app and sign up. Feel free to started clicking things to get used to seeing where things are and what they do. This is the only way you’re going to learn how to fully use this app.


Once you’re a bit more familiar with navigating the app, here’s the gist of how it works. You pick the stores on the app that you shop at regularly. Click on one of them to see all the items listed in the different categories that offer a rebate (cash back to you). Find the items you normally buy or want to try as a substitute of what you normally buy, so you can plan on purchasing those items the next time you go to that store. When you purchase those items that have a rebate available, you get the cash back, usually the day after you buy the items and scan them into IBOTTA. You don’t have to wait weeks for the rebate money to arrive in the mail, it simply accumulates until you choose to get it through paypal, venmo, or by gift card.





  1. IBOTTA is absolutely free! You can download it from the apple store or the android apps store. 
  2. You get rebates on certain items, which is cash back on the product. Essentially, you’re getting a discount on products. Why pay full price when you don’t have to? 
  3. IBOTTA works in addition to coupons. It’s not replacing coupons. If you already use coupons, don’t stop. IBOTTA works for additional savings by giving you some cash back that adds up as time passes. If you don’t use coupons and you don’t use this app, you’ve been paying much more on stuff you’re buying. Stop that! Pay less for stuff, so you can keep more money in your pocket.
  4. When you sign up, you become part of a team of people who can all work together to earn team bonuses.
  5. Welcome Bonus! IBOTTA pays you $10 as an incentive to sign up. It’s called their “Welcome Bonus.” Go get paid, my friends! Get your money! 

6. Referral Bonus! IBOTTA pays you $5 as a referral bonus when you send your friends and family to sign up with them. This is my favorite part because this benefit creates a new income stream for you. What?!? That means after you sign up (with my referral code gqgafbw), you can turn around and refer other people as your new side gig earning you extra income. Go get it, my friends!

If you don’t want to do the work of explaining the app, send them to this review (so you can be a good friend and save them money on their purchases) and I’ll be happy for them to use my referral code in support of my blog. Please sign up with my referral code, gqgafbw, since I took the time to write this post. Here’s the link ~~~> IBOTTA Sign up form Please make sure my referral code gqgafbw shows up in the box if you decide to sign up on the app you downloaded. 

7. Everyone you refer gets $10. It’s basically like you’re giving them $10 just by telling them about an app they didn’t know about.




Once you’ve selected the store or stores you’re going to shop at and you know which products you’re going to buy, here’s a step-by-step procedure of using this IBOTTA app.


  1. Go to the store.
  2. Grab your items.
  3. Click the plus sign (+) on the item you’re buying.
  4. On the next screen, click “unlock $x.xx” box toward the bottom.
  5. Repeat step 3 and 4 for each item you’re buying.
  6. Pay for your stuff when you’re done shopping.
  7. When you get home, click “verify purchases” circle button at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Choose the store you’ve shopped at.
  9. On the next screen, click “scan product barcode” box.
  10. On the next screen, click on the product, it will bring up a camera for you to scan the barcode of the physical product
  11. Once it captures the barcode, go back to the screen to do this same process for each of the items you purchased.
  12. Once you’re done scanning all the barcodes for the products you purchased, you have one more thing to do and you’re done.
  13. Take a picture of the receipt. Yay, you’re about to get your $10 plus whatever cash back rebates you bought. Easy money!




  1. Not all items I buy are listed on the app. It makes sense though since not every company offers rebates on every item. They should, but that’s just my opinion.
  2. The referral bonus is $5, it should be $10, $20, why not $100?!?
  3. “…the number of notifications I received until I learned how to remove the notifications.” -Donna Crews

Feel free to reach out to me in the comments section with some other drawbacks, so I can add them to the list.




So, I downloaded the app one afternoon and learned how to use it quite quickly since it’s easy to navigate. My wife and I go to Publix (grocery store), and I look for the cheapest name brand item on IBOTTA, orange Tic Tacs for $1.29 with a $0.25 rebate. I make the purchase, fumble my way through the procedures I documented above (since there were no step-by-step procedures) and the next day, my $10 welcome bonus was in my IBOTTA account along with the $0.25 rebate cash. Where else are you going to take $1.29 and turn it into $10.25 in less than 15 minutes of doing almost nothing? That’s a 694% return!


By the way, if you were to take $1.29 and put it in a good investment account that made 12% interest per year, it would take between 19 and 20 years of compounding interest to equal about $10.25; I earned that in less than 15 minutes with IBOTTA and their welcome deal. You can do the same exact thing and you would not be wise to pass up this opportunity. It’s either our long-term investments absolutely stink or this IBOTTA deal is really sweet. Our investments stink and this deal is golden!


My wife signed up for IBOTTA as well with my referral code and got her first rebate. She got her $10 as well, not sure what she bought. So, guess what? I earned another $5. That’s another nice return (388%) on my $1.29 Tic Tacs purchase! which is a 388% return on my initial $1.29! Where else are you going to get returns like this that seem too good to be true? Nowhere! If I never use the app again for purchases (which is unlikely because I know I’m going to use it a lot) and just keep referring everyone I know, I’ll just keep compounding my huge returns until IBOTTA stops giving referral bonuses. Take advantage of this before the opportunity goes bye-bye.





I like this app a lot. It keeps you from paying full retail price for items you probably already spend money on. The $5 referral incentive provides me with an income stream to support this blog, podcast and other future entrepreneurial endeavors I have planned. Thanks for reading.


If you’ve decided to sign up for IBOTTA after reading my review, please provide your support for this blog by clicking on the link here~~~>IBOTTA Sign up form


Thank you all so much! You all are awesome by the way!


Jayson Narag



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5 Comments so far:

  1. Donna Crews says:

    I use Ibotta weekly. Since August when discovering its awesomeness, I have earned $250.50 cash back. My family enjoys trying new products, and the more rebates you use, the more bonus cash you earn. For instance, before Christmas I earned an extra $20 for redeeming 20 rebates by Christmas. I only wish I had found it sooner. Another drawback is the number of notifications I received until I learned how to remove the notifications.

    • Jayson Narag says:

      That’s great, Donna! $250.50 is a substantial amount. Definitely sounds like this app is very beneficial to you and your family. I’d love to hear how much you’ve earned by the end of 2017. At the rate you’re going, it should easily be over $500 that you would’ve earned in cash back. That’s awesome! My favorite is the $5 referrals. I get to tell people they can get $10 for hardly doing anything. It’s a win-win situation. We’ll see how long that part of it lasts. Overall, I love this app.

  2. Donna Crews says:

    If you have not used Ebates, it is another great way to make money. This gives you cash back through online purchases also allowing bonuses for referrals. It will give you $10 after your first purchase I will get $25!

  3. rich stevens says:

    Thanks I used your Ibotta referral code and was credited the $10 bonus to my account.

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