How to Have a Super Productive Day Working at Home


Working from home definitely has its perks, but it also has its drawbacks.


There are so many distractions that can keep you from accomplishing anything with your time.


Where I am in my life right now, there are so many competing tasks that I need to stay focused on a list of things to start the day until I get some normalcy.


The list below is what I’ve found that helps me get things accomplished each day.




1. Have the right frame of mind and avoid distractions at all costs.



What gets me in the right frame of mind is starting the work day reading God’s Word and having prayer.


I meet with God and ask Him for His intervention in my work day, so I can have a productive day.


I ask God for several things; for His power to use the day for His honor and glory, for His wisdom and guidance to know what I need to accomplish, for His blessing on my business, so I can use my business to point people to Jesus Christ, for Him to control my mind to avoid distractions and time wasters.



2. Write in your journal for 5 minutes about whatever is on your mind.


I may write about what God may be impressing on me to do for the day or down the road in life, what I may want to accomplish for the day or in the near future, something Julie and I may have talked about or are planning to do, what may be troubling me; something I may be worried about, fears and emotions I may be having, tasks I have to do, but don’t want to and why.



3. Review the list of time wasters to avoid at all costs.


I review this list everyday because at any time, I could get caught up on any one of these things and my whole day could become a “throw away” day. ~~~>Click here for list of TIME WASTERS<~~~


My life is not about being wasted. The way a life is wasted is precious minutes are wasted, which turns into wasted precious hours, wasted precious days and eventually a wasted precious life.


I’m to spend most of my time on the important tasks and some of my time on the things that may not necessarily be bad, but they will take up your time if you don’t schedule them especially in these early days of my business.



4. Write out a list of tasks you would like to work on today.


I make a new list everyday with the tasks I didn’t get done from the previous day added onto this new list.


Once I have a list, it’s time to prioritize it in the order I’m going to do them with the time I have, then I rewrite the list.


Attack the list with “focused intensity” like someone who’s deep in debt attacks a list of debts they are working hard to pay off one at a time.


When one task is done, cross it off; there’s a motivational opportunity here to fire you up to get the next task done as quickly as possible.



5. Determine a time you’re going to stop working.


This one is difficult for me to do especially in these early days of business.


There is so much work to be done upfront to get my businesses off of the ground and producing money that I find myself skipping meals and staying up until 3am or sometimes past that time.


If you don’t get enough sleep, it will affect your productivity the following day.



Final Thoughts


We all want to accomplish big things in our lives.


If we’re going to do so, we have to break those big things down into goals with a defined date of when we want to accomplish those things.


Once we have the goal and date down, it’s time to break down those goals into tasks.


Now it’s time to devote our minutes and hours to completing those tasks.


The results of this process are absolutely amazing.


How did you do what you did? The answer is in the process I just outlined. Now, go do it!


Jayson Narag




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