Episode 007 Robert Kiyosaki, America’s Rich Dad

SHOW NOTES- Episode 007 Robert Kiyosaki, America’s Rich Dad

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“I failed my way to success.”

Thomas Edison



    • He was born on April 8, 1947 in Hilo, Hawaii.
    • He’s an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker and real estate investor along with his wife, Kim Kiyosaki.
    • Jayson talks about Robert’s biological dad and Robert’s friend’s dad and their backgrounds.
  • His childhood years
    • During Robert Kiyosaki’s childhood years, he was taught different lessons by his dad and his friend’s dad helping him to realize his two dads had different mindsets or ways of thinking.
    • Kiyosaki was bored most of the time at school, so he didn’t do well and vowed never to become a teacher, which is quite ironic because his company Rich Dad is a financial education company and he has said on numerous occasions that he loves to teach people.


  • College and early adult years
    • After high school, Robert Kiyosaki applied for the University of Hawaii, but was not accepted, so he went to military school and became a Marine pilot in Vietnam.
    • While he was in the military, he took a weekend course in real estate and credits the education he received in that course for his making many millions of dollars in real estate to date.
    • He also drove an oil tanker for Standard Oil. When he got out of the military, worked for Xerox in sales for a few years where he learned how to sell.
    • He built a nylon velcro surfer wallet business, which was successful for a period of time, but that success was not sustainable.


    How did he make his money?

    • He stated with a board game, books and then real estate along with other business ventures.
    • He wants his employees to leave his company to be successful in business or real estate and then later come back to work for him just for fun not because they have to
    • Robert Kiyosaki’s net worth is about $80 million.


  • Other interesting facts about Robert Kiyosaki:
    • Jayson talks about some other facts about Kiyosaki.

    What can we learn from Robert Kiyosaki?

    • Listen to the show as Jayson talks about the lessons we can learn from the life and the person, Robert Kiyosaki.



  • Take calculated risks.


  • Gossip about others.
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