I Quit My Job! What Now?




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I Quit My Job! What Now? by Jayson Narag


It’s been 3 weeks since my last day at Bank of America. It really hasn’t sunk in yet that I quit my job just 3 weeks shy of eleven years of service. I’ve had many of my former co-workers in suspense these last few weeks wondering when I was going to email this post. Here is it! So, why did I leave and where did I go for my next job?


Before I get into it, I have to tell you that the last few weeks have been absolutely amazing! No traffic to deal with in the mornings, I have my Saturdays back, I don’t work any holidays (hopefully EVER again) unless I choose to, I decide my daily schedule, I’m not worried about money, I have no stress at all and I have so much more energy. I feel as free as I’ve ever been! It doesn’t seem fair to you who I used to work with, but with a smart strategy, you too can enjoy these benefits in the future as well.


Why I Left and Where I Have Gone


I left for all the benefits I just mentioned. I actually didn’t leave to go work another job. I left to pursue my entrepreneurial passions. I left Corporate America, hopefully for good, but several factors over the next few months will determine that.


Here’s some juicy information on why I left. My original plan was to continue working at Bank of America for another year as I build my first business on the side. However, management informed me that what I wanted to do was a conflict of interest, which I still don’t fully understand.


That first business, which I was actually starting as a hobby is podcasting. If you don’t know what a podcast is, I’m happy to introduce you to it. A “podcast” is basically a radio show over the internet that you can listen to anytime you wish.


My podcast is called the NaRagstoRiches Show, and it can now be found on iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher, TuneIn and Blubrry. It’s completely free to listen to. You may also listen to new episodes weekly on my website, http://naragstoriches.com, or you can click on this shortened link to see my show archives page. CLICK HERE~~~> http://bit.ly/2mB43lC


I now have 11 episodes for you to listen to at your convenience and officially have my first show sponsor, Audible. I’d be honored if you’d listen as I inspire you and others like you to start writing your own “rags to riches” story, do work you love, and make more money.


I’m working hard to build my audience in Jacksonville. Please join me in spreading the word to all your friends, family and co-workers about the NaRagstoRiches Show and about your crazy friend, Jayson Narag, who left his job to do this podcast.


Like Producing a Podcast Wasn’t Enough Work Already


I’m actually starting another business and working on a couple other ventures while I produce the podcast each week. The other passion I’ll be pursuing is coaching clients to get out of debt.


Most people are deep in debt, and it’s become the norm in our society. We know how much stress money issues can cause. Many of you feel money stress as you read this. You have constant thoughts of what you can do to improve your financial situation and how you can earn more to solve your money problems. You wonder when your lucky day will be when you win the jackpot, so you can quit your job and enjoy life.


The sooner you realize you’re NOT going to win, the better. Stop waiting to hit the jackpot. YOU are the jackpot! And you can enjoy your life right now! If you’re hoping to win each week and you do nothing else, you deal with more disappointment than a person should need to deal with. There is no way you can enjoy life that way. People, who aren’t good at math, play the lottery and most people aren’t good at math. You can change that right away. The numbers don’t lie.


To get more information on how you can become debt-free and be in a strong financial position, CLICK HERE. ~~~> http://bit.ly/jndfcoaching


To sign up for emails from Jayson Narag Debt-Free Coaching, CLICK HERE. ~~~> http://bit.ly/jndfclist


How I’m Able to Quit a Job and Still Be Able to Pay All Bills


About 8 years ago, I found myself $35,000 in debt. I was stressed out and hopeless because my financial situation was a complete mess. My ultimate low in all this wasn’t feeling like I didn’t have control of my money, it was when there was a knock on my door by the Sheriff’s Office serving me papers when a credit card company sued me. I don’t like telling that part of the story.


Here’s the good part of the story. I found a plan, got on it, and although it was really hard since I didn’t have a Debt-Free Coach walking with me through that journey, I motivated myself enough to pay off all $35,000 of debt in 2 years and 8 months. It has felt so good being debt-free with my wife for the last 5 years!


I shared that story because it’s the reason I was able to leave my job and pursue my dreams of going into business for myself. I didn’t just quit my job recklessly like some of you may have thought. Not just anyone gets to leave a job like I did. I was able to do so because I have lived on a plan for the last seven years and have built up enough of an emergency fund to keep paying all my bills for over six months without a paycheck. I can’t just retire on a remote Caribbean Island and never work again.


How We Can Work Together Again


I’d love to work with you again, professionally if that opportunity ever arises. None of us know the future. I have a better idea. Instead of working with you, how about I work for you? Seriously! If you’re in debt and you’re ready to do what it takes to be debt-free, hire me as your Debt-Free Coach. You too can have a debt-free story like the one I mentioned above.


If you decide to start your debt-free journey, I know for a fact that “future you” will be thankful. If you do nothing, which is one of your options, 3 years from now, you’ll be in the same financial situation you’re in now, maybe deeper in debt.


If you don’t want that to be the case, reach out and let’s talk about it. CLICK HERE. ~~~> http://bit.ly/jndfclist

I understand debt-free coaching is not for everybody, but you should seriously consider it; besides, it won’t hurt you to reach out.


Depending on how successful I become with the podcast, the debt-free coaching and other ventures, who knows, maybe I’ll be able to offer you a job at one of my businesses doing something you’ll enjoy.

Would you be opposed to working a job that gives people hope? Don’t you want to work for a company that helps people instead of working a job just for money? How awesome would it be to make a living inspiring people? That’s truly work that matters.


Ways You Can Help Me Succeed


If you want to be a part of something special, here are some ways you can help me succeed. If you don’t want to help me, there’s no hard feelings. I’ll survive and I’ll be happy. I want my life to count for something, making a difference and giving hope. My wish is to use my story and my actions to give you hope somehow.


As I build my podcast audience and debt-free coaching business, I will be without a paycheck for several months. So, what can you do to help during this time? Here’s a list of things you can do to help me in my journey.


1. Listen to my podcast each week.


Again, you can listen to my podcast on any of the podcast platforms I mentioned above or directly on my website http://naragstoriches.com. In the next several weeks, I’ll be going to businesses in Jacksonville and Orange Park (restaurants and services) to sell advertising spots on the show, and I’ll need your help at times.


For example: as I try to get a restaurant to advertise on my show, to demonstrate that I can bring people in the door of that restaurant, I’ll announce on the podcast for my listeners to show up at a particular location on a certain date and time. The goal is to fill the restaurant during their slow time. Your listening to the podcast weekly and then showing up as I announce things like this will help me produce a new monthly income stream from local businesses.


If you’d like to listen to the latest episode of the NaRagstoRiches Show or any of the previous episodes, CLICK HERE~~~> http://bit.ly/2mB43lC


2. Be an individual sponsor of the podcast.


Earlier, I mentioned that debt-free coaching is not for everyone. A few of you are already debt-free, so you wouldn’t need debt-free coaching. Since you’re not in debt, it would be easier for you to be an individual sponsor than someone who is in debt. I ask that you consider being an individual sponsor.

Those of you who are in debt, I still want you to consider being an individual sponsor because it allows you to demonstrate generosity. I was a giver the whole time I was $35,000 in debt, and I was still able to pay off that large amount.


There’s just something about generous people. When they give, it always comes back to them with interest (not always immediately and not always monetarily). WHEN I become the ultra-successful entrepreneur I’m confident I will be, you better believe I’m going to invest my time, energy and money first in those who’ve invested in me as individual sponsors in these early days.


By making a small monthly contribution, you’ll help me bridge the gap between Friday, March 10 and the time I can replace the job income I left with business income. At this time, I’m looking to enlist individual sponsors for just one year. I believe I can generate a comfortable amount of business income within 12 months. Please consider becoming an individual sponsor and enlisting two other generous people you have influence with. This will help me in a huge way.


If you would like to be an individual sponsor of the NaRagstoRiches Show, CLICK HERE~~~> http://bit.ly/2nJCDyD


3. Hire me as your Debt-Free Coach.


If you can’t be an individual sponsor because doing so would make you go deeper in debt, I understand completely. You understand you’re in a bad spot with money and don’t want to make your situation any worse.


Hiring me as your Debt-Free Coach in your situation is a smart, justifiable investment in yourself and your future financial security. Because of your debt and money situations, doing nothing is the worst thing that you can do.


Being debt-free and having a fully-funded emergency fund are the reasons I was able to quit my job. You don’t have to quit your job like I did. If you like your job and want to stick to it long-term, that’s ok.


However, can you imagine what your life would be like with no debt payments beside your mortgage payment? How much money is going towards debt payments right now? How nice would it be to have to figure out what you’re going to do with that freed up money each month? Email me at jndebtfreecoach@gmail.com if you want to explore this option further. You may be a good candidate for this service, but you’ll never know if you don’t take action by reaching out.


If you’re at all interested in the Jayson Narag Debt-Free Coaching service either now, in the near future or further in the future, fill out the contact form for important announcements, tips to support you on your debt-free journey, product launch information that may benefit you and overall moral support, CLICK HERE~~~> http://bit.ly/jndfclist


4. Sign up for a free 30-day membership with Audible.


Audible is the first business sponsor of my podcast. With 180,000 titles to choose from, you’re sure to find an audiobook you’ll be interested in. My recommendation is the audiobook Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, which will explain my reasoning behind leaving a secure job and going into business. This book changed my life, and it may just change yours. The best part of this free membership is that you don’t pay a dime for trying their service for 30 days. If you want to get one audiobook each month, they will charge your card; make sure not to cancel the membership.


As an affiliate of Audible, I earn a small amount when you sign up for the free membership. If you don’t want the monthly subscription, be sure to cancel the membership before day 30. Even if you cancel the service before day 30, you get to keep the audiobook forever. Sign up now at, CLICK HERE ~~~> http://naragstoriches.com/audible


If you’ve already read Rich Dad Poor Dad, get the Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey (book I used to get out of $35k of debt- YOU CAN by yourself too, it’s super HARD doing it by yourself) or Amazon Affiliate by Shane Blanc which will give you details on the next (probably most important way you can help me), which you’ll be able to do as well later on when you see my success with it. This will add another income stream for yourself.


5. Make purchases on Amazon through my website.


People buy stuff on Amazon throughout the year and especially during the holiday season. I’m currently an affiliate of Amazon, which means I promote Amazon products on my website, http://naragstoriches.com. When you shop on Amazon through my Amazon links, I earn a small commission on your total purchase. Your willingness to take the extra step of going through my website will go a long way in my being in the business world.


I’d love to see large numbers in my first year, especially during Black Friday and Cyber Monday when Amazon has huge sales. I can only accomplish this with your commitment to making your Amazon purchases through my website. Also, please spread the word about this as well and have your friends, family and co-workers go through my affiliate links for their Amazon purchases. This can be a hugely successful stream of income.


I’ve already started working on an Amazon wish list (gift list) of products that men would love to have as gifts, and my wife is working on making a list that women would love as gifts. This will help us all to meet birthday and Christmas gift needs when we’re trying to figure out what “he” or “she” would appreciate as a gift.


When I’m successful at being an affiliate marketer, I’d love to consult you on building a side income on the internet.


Note: In the future, if you don’t see Amazon images on my website to click on, that means I’m no longer promoting Amazon as an affiliate. I hope to keep Amazon links on my website forever, but I can’t make any guarantees. I’ll keep you updated on this throughout the year.


Final Thoughts


I really miss all of my former co-workers already and I will stay in touch. I want for us to have a part in each other’s successes no matter what directions our lives may take. Again, my wish is that my journey inspires you to improve your life and the lives of those who are within your reach.


I wish you success in your lives, and I hope you all live out your dreams as I work to live out mine. I look forward to crossing paths with you again very, very soon. You can hang out with me on the podcast every week without fail. You may reach me at any of these places below with any questions or comments. Thanks so much for reading if you got all the way to here. I know you will help me succeed. I’m confident in you!


Jayson Narag,

Entrepreneur, Podcast Producer, Debt-Free Coach, Affiliate Marketer



How You Can Keep Up With Me


Here’s my personal contact information.

Cell: 904-716-4421

Personal email: jaysonnarag83@gmail.com

Business emails: jayson@naragstoriches.com, jndebtfreecoach@gmail.com

Facebook: Jayson Narag

Facebook pages: Naragstoriches Show, Jayson Narag Debt-Free Consulting

Twitter: @naragstoriches

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