My Story: How I Was Able to QUIT My Job of 11 Years and STILL Pay My Bills

About 8 years ago, I found myself $35,000 in debt.


I was stressed out and hopeless because my financial situation was a complete mess.


My ultimate low in all this wasn’t feeling like I didn’t have control of my money, it was when there was a knock on my door by the Sheriff’s Office serving me with papers when a credit card company sued me.


I don’t like telling that part of the story, but NEXT is the part of the story I LOVE talking about.



I got on a PLAN, and although it was really hard since I didn’t have a DEBT-FREE COACH walking with me through my journey, I MOTIVATED myself enough to pay off all $35,000 of debt in only 2 years and 8 months.


It has felt so GOOD being DEBT-FREE with my wife for the last 5 years!



I shared MY STORY because it’s the reason I was able to leave my job and pursue my DREAMS of going into BUSINESS for myself.


I didn’t just quit my job recklessly like some of you may have thought.


Not just anyone gets to leave a job like I did. I was able to do so because I have lived on a plan for the last seven years and have built up enough of an emergency fund to keep paying all my bills for over six months without a paycheck.


I can’t just go to retire on a remote Caribbean Island and never work again like some dream to do.



My NEW debt-free coaching business puts together a plan to get you on the same path as me of being debt-free and in the same strong financial position I’m currently in. Being motivated enough to change your direction is tough, but I’ll motivate you to get the results you can only dream of having.


If you’re SICK of debt and want it gone as QUICKLY as possible, click on the link below and fill out the contact form for Jayson Narag DEBT-FREE COACHING. CLICK HERE. ~~~>


What’s your DREAM? Let’s do SOMETHING about it!

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