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Who Is Jayson Narag?


Jayson Narag is a Christian.

Jayson Narag is not ashamed to say that God is first and foremost in his life. Jayson says, “He comes before anything else and I credit God for anything good in my life because He is the One that gave me life.” Jayson is loyal to his God, the family God has given him, the church family God has given him, his friends and his clients.

Personal Testimony: “As a 13 year old, I realized there was not enough good I could do to earn my way to Heaven. I realized I was a sinner in need of a savior. The best way I knew how, I trusted Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, my only hope of Heaven. From that moment until now, I have considered Him in major life decisions including my career choices, which has led me to my current career path of serving people for Him.”


Jayson Narag is a “debt-free” coach.

Jayson Narag’s goal as a (financial) coach is to solve his client’s problems by focusing on solving money problems that cause those problems in other areas of life. He does this by guiding those who are ready to not only improve their financial situation, but become debt-free. In 2009, Jayson found himself in over $35,000 of debt.

His financial story: “Debt is the result of money problems. I was stressed out and worried all the time because of my financial situation. I was at the bottom, financially. I had to make changes to change my direction or I would’ve needed to file for bankruptcy. I got motivated, got the information and got serious about changing my situation. I got on a plan and less than 3 years later, newly married, my wife and I became debt-free. I want others to feel the same satisfaction and freedom of being debt-free and have the solutions to money problems.”


Jayson Narag is an entrepreneur.

Jayson Narag does not work a job just for money. He has done that all of his life and would rather do work that makes a difference. He has gone out on his own to make a profit, but while he does that he wants to do work that matters and positively impact communities. Jayson is willing to earn less than he has ever earned and work more than he has ever worked, so he can enjoy the freedoms of working for himself as entrepreneur.


Jayson Narag is a podcaster.

Jayson Narag is the host of the NaRagstoRiches Show. It is a weekly show where he works to inspire listeners to start writing their own rags to riches stories, do work they love and make more money. He uses rags to riches stories of people who lived normal lives and most came from poverty, but found a way to be successful in business and entrepreneurship. Jayson started his podcast after being inspired by other podcasters for many years. He realized it could be used as a tool to influence people positively.


Jayson Narag is an affiliate marketer.

Jayson Narag promotes different products from Audible, Amazon, Clickbank and is looking into promoting other products/services from local businesses to create streams of income as he works to establish his debt-free coaching business and his podcast. When he promotes a product and someone buys it, he earns a commission (a few dollars). Jayson is establishing affiliate relationships for his coaching business to provide people with a new stream of income. When people refer clients to him, he says “thank you” and then pays the affiliate a commission of up to $50 per client.


Jayson Narag is a blogger.

Jayson Narag writes blog posts about rags to riches stories, lessons that can be learned from the lives of other people and practical blog posts. He blogs as a hobby and as a way to express himself. He plans to use blog posts to provide the structure and material for future ebooks to help people solve financial problems and problems in other areas of life.


Jayson Narag is an aspiring author.

Jayson Narag completed a book titled, “Winning Principles for Future Millionaires,” which he is using to write financial books, business books and other books to help people improve their lives. Writing is something Jayson has always done never thinking he would do it professionally, but as a hobby and as a way to express himself.


Jayson Narag wants to help people.

Jayson Narag has the heart of a teacher. His wife and mother-in-law are school teachers, so maybe they rubbed off on him a bit. He truly has a sincere desire to improve the lives of people around him and those in his community. He wants people to know how satisfying it is to be debt-free (not living with the stress (caused by having so much debt). Jayson wants to teach people the right way of handling money and eliminate debt, so clients stop paying interest to credit card companies and banks and instead be in a strong financial position to invest for retirement. Jayson is a huge proponent of giving to churches, other charities and to others.



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