Episode 018: David, the King of Israel

David had a rags to riches story. We’re going all the way back to Bible times today. I love the Bible.

  • David’s impact on modern day Israel. On the flag of Israel is a symbol called the star of David.
  • Jerusalem is called the city of David.
  • Before we get into David’s story, I want to mention that I’ve been to the city of David, Jerusalem. I’ll tell you a bit of what I got to see and why I’m going to take another trip out there.
    • I got to the what’s called the “Western Wall” which is in the area of the temple David’s son, Solomon built.
    • I got to see the Sea of Galilee.
    • I got to go to the Dead Sea and even took a little swim there. I didn’t sink. It was so salty.
    • They brought us to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
    • The Jews and Christians have an ongoing dispute of the location of Jesus tomb. Well the people in charge of the program did not bring us to the garden tomb where the Christians say Jesus tomb was, which I thought was absolutely wrong of them.
  • David was extremely wealthy and therefore his son, Solomon became extremely wealthy.
  • He was chosen to be the King of Israel by God Himself.
  • He succeeded Saul as the second King who was initially selected as king, but then he made some bad decisions. He didn’t listen, so the kingdom was taken from him.
  • He went from the pasture to the palace.
  • Lesson 1: You and I better listen. We’re never old enough not to listen to the authority. Everyone has an authority and we have to listen. We may not always agree with the authority, but we still have to listen.
  • His net worth was unknown.
  • He was in the lineage or was an ancestor of Jesus, the Son of God.

David’s childhood

    • He was a shepherd boy meaning his job was to take care of his dad’s sheep.
    • One time he killed a lion and a bear that were trying eat some of the sheep.
    • He was selected as King.
    • As an unproven soldier, he beat a very large Philistine. I don’t think beat is the right word, but this is a family show.
    • He played the harp.
    • David went on to defeat the Philistines many times, which I understand modern day Philistines are the Palestinians.
  • He overcame a lot of adversity in his life. Someone kept trying to kill him to the tragedies in his life.
  • He was not a perfect person, but none of us are. So, I won’t talk about things he did. If you want to know what bad stuff he did. You’ll have to go read the Bible after the show.
  • He’s known for writing the Psalms.
  • If he could’ve built the temple, he would have, but he was not allowed to. It had to be one of his sons who would go on to build the temple.

Things we can learn from David’s life

  • David and his son had to have wealth to get the temple built.
  • In the end, God is the One that chooses who becomes wealthy and who doesn’t.\
  • We can do everything we can, business-wise and all that and we should, but He chooses.
  • The point is, we should make sure God is first in our life, not money, not career, not people. All those things come after God.


Jayson Narag Debt-Free Coaching Audio Series

  • I’m going to take a few minutes to talk about the Jayson Narag Debt-Free Coaching Audio Series. I’ve been working non-stop on this project and that’s the reason the last couple episodes have been shorter and I’ve cut out some segments to save data. I’m a bit behind schedule on getting the Jayson Narag Debt-Free Coaching Audio Series ready. I set a goal of having session 1 and 2 ready last week, but I didn’t get that accomplished. I have session 1 ready on my website. Before I release it to sell, I’m looking for a couple of people to help me by listening to session 1 doing the worksheets, downloading a book from Audible and doing a brief review to use as I sell the product as an alternative to higher-priced one-on-one coaching.
  • Everyone wants to know how to get rich and wealthy, but the first step we all need to be concerned with is how to handle money because if we don’t nail that down, $2M could drop in our lap today and we’ll spend it up in no time.
  • I’m going to call out a few situations (red flags) where if I’m describing you, you’d benefit big-time from financial coaching. By the way, as soon as all my coaching sessions on audio are complete, I’m raising my one-on-one coaching prices to push clients to the much less expensive option of audio courses. It benefits the client because they pay much less for the same information and it benefits me because I put in the hours upfront to put the information on audio and I’ll be earning money from purchases for a long time. I just have to do the sales portion and I may not even need to do that to make money, but I’ll talk about that in the future when I’m ready.
  • If you are deep in debt and you think you know how to handle money, I’m flat out telling you that you don’t! Handling money is really a direction thing. It’s a mindset. What direction are you going with your personal finances? Are you heading toward bankruptcy or wealth?


Red Flags That You Don’t Know How to Handle Money

  1. If you can’t pay off credit cards each month. I’m not talking about the minimum payment, I’m talking about the full balance. If you’ve been carrying a balance on your credit cards for as long as you remember, you don’t know how to handle money.
  2. If you don’t have on paper where your money is going each month before you get paid, I call it a cash flow plan, you don’t know how to handle money.
  3. If you don’t know how many months it’s going to take you to get out of debt right now as I mention this, you don’t know how to handle money.
  • I just mentioned 3 red flags. You’re probably mad at me right now, but that’s ok because you need to get mad in order to improve your money situation. You need to get mad in order to get out of debt, but you need to direct your anger not to me, but to the credit card people. Direct it to debt. Direct it to paying interest. If you do what I teach, you’ll get control of your money, you’ll know where every dollar is going, you’ll even know how many months it will take for you to get out of debt and you’ll be debt-free a few months before that because of the motivation factor.
  • If you want to get rid of your debt the fastest, smartest way, without paying thousands to a debt settlement company or to a bankruptcy lawyer, email me at jndebtfreecoach@gmail.com to see which of my coaching products may be the right fit for you.


Joshua 1:7

“Only be thou strong and very courageous, that thou mayest observe to do according to all the law, which Moses my servant commanded thee: turn not from it to the right hand or to the left, that thou mayest prosper whithersoever thou goest.”



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