Episode 021 The Perfect Storm of Success, Mary Higgins Clark

Jayson uses the story of the first woman rags to riches story on the NaRagstoRiches Show to inspire you. She is the queen of suspense, Mary Higgins Clark.


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Based on 350 interviews of rich and poor people by Tom Corley.

Rich habit for today is: Save Money

Tom Corley says, “94% of the rich saved 20% or more off their income. They began long before they were rich. They used their savings to make more money by taking certain calculated risks.”

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Poor habit for today is: Repeat Mistakes

“The poor do not learn from their mistakes. They were too closed minded to listen to others or were simply not aware of the bad habits they had that were dragging them down, Mistakes repeated become habits. Habits are hard to change if you’re not aware of them,” Tom Corley says.

  • Entrepreneurs make plenty of mistakes, but they learn from those mistakes in fact, those mistakes are their teachers.
  • The best way to learn is by doing and failing, but then not repeating the mistakes that caused the failure and instead using the failure to succeed later.
  • The poor being close-minded and not listening and then not being aware of bad habits and repeated mistakes, this is what I see a lot of in my coaching business.
  • Either people don’t want help with their finances even though they know they’re in a financial mess or they don’t realize they have bad financial habits.
  • If you don’t think you have bad financial habits, you do! At least be smart enough to go through my audio series of Debt-Free Coaching.
  • If you get motivated to take action, If you get one tip and change one habit, it’ll be worth the monetary investment in yourself.



  • “Success in any relationship or endeavor begins with trust.” -Truett Cathy

Can you be trusted?

What are you doing to show you can be trusted?

What are you doing that’s showing you can’t be trusted?

What are you doing that’s rebuilding trust?

If an entrepreneur succeeds in business the right way, it’s because he was trustworthy. People trusted him.

As a podcaster, I’m not going to endorse or advertise anyone or their business if I can’t trust them. If I have a conversation with you and there’s just something about you that seems off or you promise something, but you never come through on your promises, I am not going to do business with you.



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  • The rags to riches story for today is Mary Higgins Clark. She’s the first women that’s being featured on the NaRagstoRiches Show.
  • Listen as Jayson uses the story of Mary Higgin Clark to inspire you to take action.
  • Learn these facts about her: Where she was from, what industry she got rich in, what she did to become rich, her net worth, what her story was, her background, what she accomplished, challenges and hardships she experienced along the way, lessons she learned on the way to getting rich and things she said.

“I supported my family by writing radio shows. Very early in the morning I put my typewriter on the kitchen table before I went to work in Manhattan and spent a few privileged and priceless hours working on my first novel. I have found that dreams do come true, and I hope that anyone reading this book may feel encouraged to follow his or her own dreams even when the odds against achieving them seem great.”



  • Please complete a review of the NaRagstoRiches Show on iTunes or any of the podcast platforms. Your reviews will help me to know what I’m doing that you like and to continue improving as a podcaster.
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