Why Should You Invest in Financial Coaching? Is it Worth it?

Potential coaching clients I talk to ask “Why would it makes sense to pay $599.95 – $699.95 for financial coaching? “I can pay that amount on my debts.”


You are your best investment! Financial education is an investment in you and your future. Paying on your debts is not an investment. You’re just paying back what you spent money on in the past plus interest.


You will not go wrong investing in yourself or your future especially when it comes to your personal finances. You pay a financial coach to help you improve your future, eliminate your current debt and never pay interest again on consumer debt


You get a proven plan for your money. Most people don’t live on a plan for their money, so they don’t know where all their money is going each month.


You solve money problems you didn’t know you have. Most people deal with money problems throughout their lives. See the results of money problems and the actual money problems you may have. 

Some results of money problems:

Thousands of dollars in debt

Having debt is not the problem. It’s simply a byproduct of money problems that you will learn to solve with financial coaching.

Very little money to give to church or charity

“I can’t afford to give. I don’t have any money. I wish I could give more.” You can if you invested in financial coaching, you solved your money problems and you set a financial goal of giving more.”

Marriage breakdown

Money problems are cited as a top reason for divorce. If you care about your spouse and children, invest in financial coaching. Financial coaching makes your marriage stronger and improves communication with your spouse. Although money problems may not be the only problem in a marriage, they certainly contribute to marriage issues.

Health issues

You may not be as healthy physically because you worry about your financial situation constantly. Is it worth your health failing to save several hundred dollars to not hire a financial coach?

Sleep problems

When you think about your money problems while you’re lying in bed, it keeps you awake. You know how much you suffer the next day when didn’t get much sleep. You’re cranky and drowsy.

Financial stress

Worry, hopelessness, anxiety, frustration, anger, etc are all emotions that result from financial stress. If you’re dealing with any of these emotions, financial coaching may just do the trick in improving not only personal finances, but your emotional well-being. Financial stress causes negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Job performance suffers

You know how you perform at work when you’re worried about something and you’re not focused. It’s definitely not your best day. When you’re dealing with money problems and you choose not to invest in financial coaching, you’re robbing yourself and your boss of your peak performance. You would be much more productive if you knew you had a plan for your money and you were making great progress on improving your financial situation


Financial goals never being set or met.

It’s hard to set financial goals when you could barely pay all your bills each month. Getting on a plan for your money puts you in a position to set financial goals and then meet those financial goals in just a matter of time.

People think the results above are money problems, but they’re not. They are simply results of some money problems below.

Some money problems you will resolve with your financial coach:

No plan for your money.

Living paycheck to paycheck.

Living above your means.

Out of control spending.

Impulse buying.

All of the money problems above are bad money habits. These are just a few money problems people have.


Discover and reduce wasted money. What would you like to accomplish if you had unlimited money? Wasted money keeps you from accomplishing those things.


Have an effective debt elimination plan to eliminate your debts in 2-3 years or less. Have your debts listed and prioritized in the order they will be eliminated.


Pay off debt faster. Financial coaching speeds up the timeframe of your getting out of debt. When you have a financial coach that has personally become debt-free fast, he can help you do the same thing, maybe even faster.


No more interest payments ever again. How much interest is added to your debts each month? Investing in financial coaching gets you out of debt, producing savings in the amount of interest you would’ve paid. Is it worth investing $600 one-time if it will save you $600 or more every year? The average American will pay over $600,000 in interest throughout his lifetime. People who hate debt pay closer to $100,000-$200,000 in interest. What can you do with $400,000?


Have a resource who has gotten out of debt. When questions or scenarios come up, your financial coach is a resource who has personally been where you are financially. I’m personally eliminated $35,000 in 2 years and 8 month, paid cash for engagement and wedding rings ($1500), paid cash for a honeymoon ($2000), saved $20,000 in 12 months. That’s a financial swing of $58,500.


Have financial accountability. Your financial coach will hold you accountable to your financial goals and actions.


Have a financial cheerleader for motivation and encouragement. Your financial coach will encourage you, support you and cheer you on as you progress toward your financial goals, which will add motivation. The support you get from a financial coach will reduce your financial stress.


Increase your income short-term and long-term. Making more money does not solve money problems. When there is no plan and money is being wasted, more money added to the equation just results in more money wasted each month. Once money problems are solved, making more money improves the your situation rather quickly.

What can you do with additional income?

Give more to your church.

Give more to other causes.

Save $1000 for a starter emergency fund.

Save cash for things.

Get out of debt super-fast.

Save for an emergency fund worth six months of your expenses.

Invest for your retirement.

Travel more.

Pay cash for vacations.

Pay cash for cars.

Trade money for more money instead of trading time for money.


Generate wealth in retirement. Your income is your biggest wealth-building tool. When it’s tied up in debt payments and interest payments, you will not be able to generate wealth. You don’t have any money to invest, so investing in coaching is the only way to free up your income, which will also increase your income drastically. One of those ways is using your story of how you benefited from the results of financial coaching to inspire others who will be in your current financial situation. You can earn a lot of money promoting Jayson Narag Debt-Free Coaching! Give it a try.


You get a money-back guarantee. The best financial coach can’t guarantee what clients do with their financial education, but he can guarantee improvement. If you do your part after a certain period of time and your situation doesn’t improve, Jayson Narag Debt-Free Coaching will give you 100% of your money back. This makes it a win-win situation for all clients who take action.


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