Episode 027 6 Habits to Avoid Money Problems

On the last episode, Jayson talked about 5 people who went from riches to rags and 4 habits that caused them to do that.


On this episode, Jayson talks about some things to do financially in order to avoid financial problems.


No one wants to have financial trouble. Listen to this episode, so you don’t have to deal with financial problems in your life. You can’t always avoid life events, but you can avoid financial troubles.


If you’re not doing the things Jayson talks about on this episode, it’s never too late to start. If you’re doing all those things, keep it up, you’re probably debt-free and on your way to being wealthy.


If you have financial problems or to figure out if you have financial problems, email Jayson at jndebtfree@gmail.com and he’ll help you with that.

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