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I’m Jayson Narag, your host of the NaRagstoRiches Show and writer of the NaRagstoRiches Blog. The first three years of any business are very difficult as it gets off the ground; the first year is the most difficult. That’s why I’ve reached out to you for your partnership in the infancy stage of these businesses.


The chances of my being successful in getting these businesses off the ground are much higher with a group of sponsors to alleviate some of the financial strain as I serve people and work countless hours building a community and audience.


With your sponsorship in these early days, I’ll be able to approach businesses and corporations of all sizes for advertising and sponsorship in the future with a much larger audience. I’m in the business of inspiring people and if you want to continue contributing toward one or more of my businesses after the first 12 months, I welcome it!


Below, are the sponsor actions I’m asking sponsors to meet. If you have any questions, please email me at


  1. Listen to the show each week.
  2. Write a post on social media encouraging friends to listen.
  3. Like and share posts related to NaRagstoRiches Show and Blog.
  4. Monthly support of a selected tier below. For $15.00, you’ll have your name listed as a sponsor on our sponsors page along with a one line message as a shoutout to anyone.
  5. Sign up with Affiliates I promote benefiting the podcast, blog and website.

Current Affiliates:

IBOTTA- rebate app/website used to redeem cash back rebates on select items at most stores you already shop at. For signing up with my referral codes, you’ll be placed on my team and get a $10 welcome bonus. The podcast, blog and website will receive $5.00 when you sign up for IBOTTA through any of the links on the IBOTTA app review page. ~~~>CLICK HERE for a review of IBOTTA.<~~~



$5-$14 per month- Bronze Sponsor

$15-$30 per month- Silver Sponsor

$31-$45 per month- Gold

$46-$60 per month- Platinum

Over $61 per month and up- Double Platinum

Naragstoriches Show Sponsors
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CLICK ON the “Add to Cart” button above to become an individual sponsor of the NaRagstoRiches Show.


New and Small Business Sponsors:


As the NaRagstoRiches Show and NaRagstoRiches Blog businesses continue to grow, new and small businesses choosing to be sponsors will grow as well. Our audience is new and will continue to grow rapidly as we partner with more individual sponsors, get more exposure on social media, person-to-person promotion, rush hour street advertising, car wrap advertising, door-to-door contact and flyer canvassing efforts.


  1. Monthly support of a selected tier with $20 per month as the minimum sponsorship amount. You will not regret your investment in inspiring others. For $25.00, you’ll have your company name listed as a sponsor on this website along with a 2 line plug for your business.
  2. Listen to show each week.
  3. Promote the show by writing a post on social media encouraging friends to listen to the show.
  4. Like and share posts related to NarRagstoRiches Show.


$25-50 per month- Bronze Sponsor

$51-$75 per month- Silver Sponsor

$76-$100 per month- Gold

$101-$125 per month- Platinum

Over $126 per month-Double Platinum

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