Debt-Free Coaching Audio Series (Sessions 1-6)

Session 1 The Motivation Factor

This is where the change begins. You have to change what you’re doing in order to change the results. Information by itself is not enough.

Motivation is the WHY only some people will change their financial situation and most people will not. This session is all about getting motivated to change.

The Motivation Factor is by far the most important ingredient in being financially healthy and getting out of debt. Without this piece, most people never “start” to become financially healthy or if they do start, they end up quitting.

Motivation will get you to do the things you need to do to get out of debt, it will keep you on track when you want to throw in the towel and go back to old habits and it will speed up the getting out of debt process for you.


Session 2 Cash Flow Planning: The Power of Living on a Plan

There is absolutely no way you’re going to win with money without a plan.

This session introduces you to the cash flow plan also known as the “budget.”

Now that you’re motivated to do what it takes to improve your finances, it’s time to put together a “cash flow plan” to make sure you know where every dollar is going and whether you have positive cash flow, no cash flow or negative cash flow.

You’ll find out if you’re living paycheck to paycheck, overspending, or how long it’ll take for you to get out of debt without making any changes to your current situation.

It’s time to take action on that motivation!


Session 3 Making Adjustments to Your Cash Flow Plan

The great thing with finances is it is a snapshot, not a film strip. You get to choose to change your situation by changing things you’re doing with money.

You should be motivated to get out of debt.

You should now have a cash flow plan, which determines if you live paycheck to paycheck, have negative cash flow, or how long it would take for you to get out of debt without any changes to your current situation.

Making adjustments is one of the best ways to increase cash flow each month. The more cash flow you have, the more you could put toward paying off debts resulting in you getting out of debt faster.

Learn what adjustments you can make right away.

If you have negative cash flow, I introduce you to debt settlement. Not through a company, but you initiating it once later. The key to saving money in debt settlement is NOT to hire a company to settle your debts, but to do it yourself one by one as you save up the money in a separate bank account.


Session 4 The Debt Elimination Plan: Attacking Your Debt

If you’re going to get out of debt, you must have a plan.

Now, it’s time to put your debt elimination plan together. I will guide you to list all your debts and prioritize which ones to pay off for maximum motivation.

It’s time to get focused on getting rid of your debts as quickly as possible.


Session 5 Increasing Your Income Part 1 (Short-Term) Get Out of Debt Even Faster

At this point in the coaching program, you’re motivated, you have a cash flow plan, you’ve made adjustments to your cash flow and you have a plan to pay off your debts one after the other.

Now, it’s time to put paying off debt into hyper-drive by increasing your income. The more money you have coming in, the more cash flow you’ll have to put toward paying off debt.

I will talk about what you what you can do to increase your income right now (short-term). What you can do immediately to make more money fast. There are suggestions teaching you what I did to make more money fast.


Session 6 Increasing Your Income Part 2 (Long-Term) It’s Time to Make More Money

By now, your plan to pay off debt is in full swing. You should already be seeing progress in your emotions, your mindset, your knowledge and your debt elimination. Now, it’s just a matter of time before you’re debt-free.

Now, it’s time to start thinking about increasing your income for the long-term. The more money you have coming in, the more cash flow you’ll have to put toward paying off debt and saving once you’re debt-free.

I talk about getting a better job, working for yourself, and starting a business (entrepreneurship). Most people are learning the information in this program for the first time, so starting a business you’ll want to jump to after you’re debt-free. It may be too much for most people at this point.

Going into business is not for everyone, but if you want to be wealthy in the future, business and investing as a combination is the way to do it. Investing in mutual funds was meant to be a supplement to retirement, not be the main thing.

The main thing should be investing in business(es), real estate, not just investing in Roth 401k (with company match), 401k (with company match), Roth IRA, IRA.


* Each session comes with all worksheets.

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