One-on-one Coaching Program

This one-on-one coaching program is my premium product. It is a 3-month program which includes a combination of in-person sessions and phone sessions (whichever is most convenient around your schedule) and short check-in calls (accountability calls) to measure your progress, give additional motivation, address concerns and answer questions.


During the program, we will cover the following topics:


The Motivation Factor (Session 1)


Cash Flow Planning: The Power of Living on a Plan (Session 2)


Making Adjustments to Your Cash Flow Plan (Session 3)


Attacking Your Debt: The Debt Elimination Plan (Session 4)


Increasing Your Income Part 1 (Session 5) Short-Term 


Increasing Your Income Part 2 (Session 6) Long-Term


Also included are:

All session worksheets

6 Accountability calls

WIN-WIN Money-Back Guarantee (see below)

Annual check-in calls

Audiobook (I used to become debt-free. Available for first-time Audible users)



After the 3 month program, you’ll be on the pathway to be debt-free.

There will be times when you’ll want to go back to old habits, but you’ll need to remind yourself that the old way produced debt and all the bad feelings you are dealing with right now.

With the knowledge you get from what I teach, you’ll have to constantly decide to continue handling money differently than you did before.

If you continue to handle money the way I teach you, you should be debt-free in 3 years or less with the exception of ultra debt-ridden scenarios.

Every year, I’ll reach out on a courtesy check-in call to touch base with you on your progress.

On the third year, I’ll ask the question, “Are you better off financially now or before you hired me?”

If you DID everything I taught you, completed all check-in calls and filled out all worksheets and you’re in worse shape financially (as shown on your financial snapshot worksheets), I will give you your money back!

Hiring me as your Debt-Free Coach puts you in a win-win situation and I hope the Win-Win Money Back Guarantee gives you peace of mind in starting your debt-free journey.

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