Session 3 Making Adjustments to Your Cash Flow Plan

The great thing with finances is it is a snapshot, not a film strip. You get to choose to change your situation by changing things you’re doing.


In Session 1, you got motivated to get out of debt. In Session 2, you put your cash flow plan together.


You should now have a cash flow plan, which determines if you live paycheck to paycheck, have negative cash flow, or how long it would take for you to get out of debt without any changes to your current situation.


This session teaches you to make adjustments to your cash flow plan, so you can increase your cash flow each month. The more cash flow you have, the more you could put toward paying off debts resulting in you getting out of debt faster.


Learn what adjustments you can make right away.


This session also introduces debt settlement for those of you who have negative cash flow. The key to saving money in debt settlement is not to hire a company to settle your debts, but to do it yourself one by one as you save up the money in a separate bank account.

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