Session 6 Increasing Your Income (Long-Term): It’s Time to Make More Money Part 2

By now, your plan to pay of debt is in full swing. You should already be seeing progress in your emotions, your mindset, your knowledge and your debt elimination. Now, it’s just a matter of time before you’re debt-free.


Now, it’s time to start thinking about increasing your income for the long-term. The more money you have coming in, the more cash flow you’ll have to put toward paying off debt.


This session introduces you to entrepreneurship, working for yourself. If you decide to put off most of the actions in this session, that’s completely ok. Most people are learning the information in this program for the first time, so starting a business you’ll want to jump to after you’re debt-free may be too much.


You want to know that you have an option of what you can do after you’re debt-free. Going into business is not for everyone, but if you want to be wealthy in the future, business and investing as a combination is the way to do it. Investing in mutual funds was meant to be a supplement to retirement, not be the main thing.


The main thing should be investing in business(es), real estate, not just investing in Roth 401k (with company match), 401k (with company match), Roth IRA, IRA.

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