Welcome to Jayson Narag Debt-Free Coaching!

As I say all the time on my podcast, I want to make a difference doing work that matters.

Leaving corporate America to go into business has always been a dream of mine and maybe you share that dream.

This business is a dream come true.

I’m very passionate about serving people by finding solutions to people’s money problems. The subject of getting out of debt is personal to me because at one point I was $35,000 in debt and I still remember the stress and additional problems that came with it. After eliminating all of my debt, saving up a 6-month emergency fund and being able to leave a job I hated, I’m focused on guiding you to become debt-free as well if that’s what you choose.

You’re going to love being debt-free! I love saying that to everyone. It’s fun to say because I love being debt-free.

How nice would it be for you to say, “I’M DEBT-FREE”?  It inspires some who think “Why can’t I become debt-free when he’s debt-free?” Others may get upset because they think they’ll NEVER be debt-free.

Well, YOU CAN BE DEBT-FREE! That’s what Debt-Free Coaching is all about.

How great would it be to quit your job and not have to worry about how you’re going to pay all your bills? If you want to go in business, this allows you to be in a great position to do that when you’re debt-free and have six months of living expenses in the bank or more.

If you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck, do SOMETHING about it! Partner with me to put a stop to it.

If your debt is higher than your savings and you’re ready for that to change, it’s time to TAKE ACTION!

If you’re stressed out because of debt, you’re overwhelmed thinking about money, you feel like you’re not in control, living on a PLAN addresses all of these things.

It’s time to make the DECISION that can CHANGE your life and your family’s life forever.

Earning more money is NOT going to solve your problems. You’re missing one key piece that you’ll get through this coaching program. Once you get it, then it’ll be time increase your income as much as possible.

If you’ve thought about debt settlement or bankruptcy, but you know those options are just temporary band-aids, Jayson Narag Debt-Free Coaching is the option that addresses the real problems. It costs much LESS and is focused on providing SOLUTIONS to your REAL money PROBLEMS.

Let me use my EXPERIENCE to guide you to be debt-free. I’ll tailor a PLAN specifically for YOU and your FINANCIAL SITUATION. I’ll provide the MOTIVATION and GUIDANCE through the entire process.

Over the course of 3 months, we’ll DISCOVER what motivates you to take ACTIONS in the subjects we’ll cover. These subjects will give you the KNOWLEDGE needed to get on the debt-free PATH. Once you’re on that path, it’s just a MATTER OF TIME before we can CELEBRATE your being DEBT-FREE.

Get EXCITED thinking about NO MORE debt payments. It’ll motivate you to get on the PROVEN PLAN I used and STAY on that plan. It’ll be a bit easier for you because you’ll have ME AS YOUR COACH guiding you through the entire process.

You won’t regret this INVESTMENT in yourself and your future.

My friend, it’s definitely not going to be EASY, but it WILL be WORTH it.


This is a 3-month one-on-one coaching program which will include a mix of in-person sessions and phone sessions (whichever is most convenient around your schedule) and short follow-up check-in sessions (15-minute or less accountability sessions) to measure your progress, give additional motivation, address concerns and answer any questions.

During the program, we will cover the following topics:

The Motivation Factor- Using Your Dreams to Motivate You (Session 1)

Cash Flow Planning: The Power of Living on a Plan (Session 2)

Making Adjustments to Your Cash Flow Plan (Session 3)

Attacking Your Debt (Session 4)

Increasing Your Income (Session 5 and 6)

Also included with the One-on-One Coaching are:

Session Worksheets

6 Accountability calls

WIN-WIN Money-Back Guarantee (see below)

Annual check-in calls

Audiobook (The one I used to become debt-free. Available for first-time Audible users)

Debt-Free Coaching Series audio (each audio session will be made available to you in case there was information not covered in the allotted time during the one-on-one coaching sessions)


After the 3-month program, you’ll be on the pathway to be debt-free.

There will be times when you’ll want to go back to old habits, but you’ll need to remind yourself that the old way produced debt and all the bad feelings you are dealing with right now.

With the knowledge you get from the one-on-one coaching, you’ll have to constantly decide to continue handling money differently than you did before.

If you continue to handle money the way I teach you, you should be debt-free in 3 years or less with the exception of people with ULTRA-HIGH debt scenarios.

Every year, I’ll reach out on a courtesy check-in call to touch base with you on your progress.

On the third year, I’ll ask the question, “Are you better off financially now or before you hired me?”

If you DID everything I taught you, completed all check-in calls and filled out all worksheets and you’re in worse shape financially (as shown on your financial snapshot worksheets), I will give you your money back!

Hiring me as your Debt-Free Coach puts you in a win-win situation and I hope the Win-Win Money Back Guarantee gives you peace of mind in starting your debt-free journey.

I’m looking forward to working with you and for you!

Jayson Narag,

Debt-Free Coach | Entrepreneur | Internet Business



If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email at jndebtfreecoach.com or text me at 904-716-4421. I’ll be happy to answer any questions.


Option 1: One-on-One Debt-Free Coaching Packages (This is the PREMIUM option)

Individuals $599.95 (One-time) Prices subject to increase

Married Couples $699.95 (One-time) Prices subject to increase

If you’re ready to start your debt-free journey and lock-in the price above Before we go any further, I’ll schedule a time to speak with you on the phone to make sure this option will be the best fit to provide you solutions. Once we have both agreed that one-on-one coaching is the best fit for you, refer back to this link to make the coaching investment here ~~~> MAKE INVESTMENT HERE <~~~

I’m READY to START my DEBT-FREE Journey! I’ve filled out the Jayson Narag Debt-Free Coaching contact form, spoken to my Debt-Free Coach and made the coaching investment via PayPal. To take the next step, CLICK HERE ~~~> The NEXT STEP <~~~ This next step requires personal information that will be used in the one-on-one sessions.

Option 2: Debt-Free Coaching Audio Series

$59.95 (One-time)

To see what you get in the Debt-Free Coaching Audio Series, CLICK HERE~~~> Debt-Free Coaching Audio Series page

Option 3: Debt-Free Coaching Audio Sessions (for individual purchase)

$9.95 per session (see list of sessions)

To see what you get in the Debt-Free Coaching Audio Series, CLICK HERE~~~> Debt-Free Coaching Audio Series page